Few words about your wardrobe

Wardrobe makeover, also known as a wardrobe detox, is aimed to give your personal wardrobe a bit more breathing space by removing unnecessary an unused clothes, as well as tidy up and organise what’s inside of it. In most cases we wear only around 20% of clothes that we have in our wardrobes.

We remove clothes that:

  • Do not fit anymore
  • Lost their fashion
  • Are too old or worn out
  • Have been a missed purchase
  • Unwanted gifts

What is the purpose of this service and what are the benefits it brings?

You will learn to choose a good quality material, instead of buying good looking clothes that last very short. You will also gain information about:

  • Your body shape
  • Type of clothes that suits you the most
  • Most suitable colours for you

Service also includes:

  • Review of shoes, bags and other accessories
  • Styling training that will help you to use your already purchased clothes in the best possible way to fit most of occasions
  • Making a shopping list that will help you to complete your wardrobe
  • Photo-report so you can have a point of reference (just in case you forget what we have been working on). It will also help you to actually see all of the work for yourself.

How long does it take?

Wardrobe makeover usually takes between 3 and 5 hours.

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