Few words about this service

During the shopping I will work very closely with you to teach you:

  • What is the most important when choosing new clothes
  • What you need to avoid
  • How to choose clothes that suit your beauty, colours and body shape
  • How to choose best matching shoes, bags, accessories and other extras
  • Which materials are good quality

Why is my service different from any other personal stylist?

My goal was never to spend a fortune and go to the most prestige boutiques and shops, but to be very creative and teach you the skill of dressing well. I believe that every woman is beautiful, and my job is to only extract it and show you your true potential. It will be your choice if you want to pick up your favourites stores that will match your budget or you can let me make a decision based on the amount you are keen to spend.

How long does it take?

Shopping normally takes between 4 and 5 hours (including short coffee break where we discuss progress and observations)

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