Few words about myself.

Since I remember I was always helping people around me to look better. I started off with my family members and friends. Selecting suitable, matching clothes and accessories, was giving me a lot of satisfaction and I was sharing my perspective very gladly.

I was always highlighting, that each one of you I perceive from the inner beauty side first. My work is then focused to embrace what is already inside.

In my work I do not follow current trends. I do not have templates that I apply to my clients. You will be receiving very individual approach.

The biggest reward I am getting out from my work is when I will see your transition. And I am not talking about the change that happens on the outside only, but mainly inside: confidence, joy and comfort inside your own body.

I will help you to find layers of potential that you already have, because your general image is not made of clothing only, but most importantly it is the state of your spirit that expresses itself through it.

Let's embrace your beauty How will I do it?