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Orgnonite pendants made with love

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Few words about my jewellery

My jewellery is made with a true passion and commitment. As a personal stylist, I know how important for a woman is to be unique and how small details can highlight this uniqueness. This is one of my main objection when designing my jewellery, so each woman can have something unique.

Each of my pendant is on of its kind. I do not use any templates and I work under a feeling of the present moment and what resonates with my heart.

My recent work

Most of these pendants contais orgonite, which is a substance made of variety of metals, quartz, resins and other natural minerals. Its aim is to strengthen the body’s energy field and protect from Electro Motive Force radiation (EMF) and negative energy, which is produced by a man-made devices. It also helps to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Each of the orgonite used in my jewelry is handmade using high quality materials giving 100% effectiveness. The most common benefits of orgonite are:
More energy
Better and calmer sleep
Emotional stability and balanced moods
Spiritual and psychological growth
Improved immune system

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